Trump campaign demands second Georgia recount after judge’s dismissal of Pennsylvania challenge

6 min readNov 23, 2020

DALLAS (AP) — The FBI recently opened a criminal investigation into claims that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton abused his office to benefit a wealthy donor.

The probe, which was confirmed to The Associated Press by two people with knowledge of it who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, marks an escalation in the latest controversy to surround the high-profile Republican, who has spent years under indictment on unrelated state securities fraud charges.

The FBI’s interest in Texas’ top law enforcement official arose from a rebellion by Paxton’s top deputies, who accused him of breaking the law by using his office to help a wealthy donor with a troubled real estate empire who also hired a woman with whom the married Paxton allegedly had an affair.

Paxton has broadly denied wrongdoing and refused calls to resign, saying he’ll seek a third term in 2022 and that he’s prepared to fight it out in court. He has weathered other storms during his rise to becoming one of the country’s leading legal crusaders for conservative causes.

1. Switch to a different genre if one doesn’t work for you

This has been a game-changer to me. Initially, I wrote articles on personal experiences, life-lessons, and productivity. It did work for me but I did not get the exposure I desired on Medium.

Gradually, after three months, I got saturated and ran into writer’s block. That’s when my husband pitched in and advised me to write articles on history, art, and culture.

Being a novice writer and completely new to this field, I did not have a niche. This was actually a blessing in disguise since I was easily able to switch to different genres.

I started writing historical pieces including elements of art, feminism, culture, and racism and that’s when I noticed the difference. I earned my top writer badges in art, history, culture, and feminism. My Medium earnings and views boosted with an organic increase in followers.

2. Write consistently

This might sound like a cliché but trust me this is the most straightforward approach to make your writing better.

Even when I got negligible views and earnings, I made sure to write one article per week. And slowly and steadily my reading-writing speed and quality enhanced. I got ten back-to-back curations in the month of August.

3. Research from authentic sources and cite references

This is one of the most important things I have learned while writing historical articles. If you’re writing op-ed pieces then references don’t matter but affirmations and assertions backed by citing references make the article credible and authentic.

Another thing I have learned is to use scholarly websites. I regularly use Academia and Jstor for two reasons — both are free and both provide some intriguing and reliable articles.

4. Starting our own publication

I was always fascinated by this feature of Medium. And when my husband kabir joined Medium, I was left with no excuse but to start our own publication — The Collector.

While not a mandate, and in no way a direct approach to increase your visibility, it gives the flexibility to publish your own articles as and when you desire. You get networking with phenomenal writers and indirectly it benefits you in your writing journey.

There is nothing more gratifying than looking at our publication flourishing and gaining momentum day by day!

5. Networking on Medium

This is another important approach you can look to grow your writing profile. Reading articles of other writers, commenting, and sharing them on social networking is a good gesture to act upon.

Our publication conducted three consecutive writing challenges on Medium that has helped our pub to get some brilliant writers and increased the reach.

Last thoughts

The starting phase on Medium was quite disappointing for me and I felt that the platform was not for novice writers like me. I was about to quit but when I subsided my preconceived notions and focused only on my content, it was the time, I experienced fruitful results.

I feel that grit, passion, and consistency can definitely help you reach the point you aim for in your writing career.

Writing has been a fantastic process for me so far and I just want to concentrate on the content I deliver to my followers. This is just getting better and I’ve no regrets about quitting my full-time job.

And if I can do it, you can too.